Black Friday Gifts: 14 Excellent Holiday Presents to Grab from the Black Friday Sales Right Now

Here's a newsflash for you: The best Black Friday gifts are the ones you buy long before the holiday's even started. As one of the coolest shop, we have already kicked off our holiday season events in earnest, and if you’re looking to avoid the stress of panic-scrolling through every one of 'em come the day itself it’d behoove you to take advantage.

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Boy Named Jimmy

Say hello to Boy Named Jimmy. This fun and family-friendly sculpture is smaller than a bouquet of flowers and it’s the perfect home decoration to bring into your space. Featuring a fun and youthful design, this modern décor piece helps to breathe some life into your space.

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Summer Girl

Summer Girl is a beautiful sculpture that offers a modern take on a classic style. Perfect for brightening up a space and making it feel light, airy, and contemporary, this beautiful little accent certainly makes a statement.

Perfect for placing on a book shelf, a coffee table, or a computer desk in your home office. Beautiful details make for a beautiful decoration.

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Girl Named Keri

Say hello to a girl named Keri – she’s fun, lovable, quirky, and stylish as ever before.
Girl Named Keri is a beautiful piece to bring into your space. Trendy, stylish, and unique all at the same time. Pair it with your favorite coffee table books in your living room.

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Astronaut Candy Box

It's fine design makes this piece stand out among many gift ideas. This amazing candy box will fit into any home decor. No matter is it the living room, office or the children's room, it will make her spot stand out and steal every look and smile in that room.

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Lucie Flower Vase

Modern home decoration and glass flower vase — all in one bright product.
This flower vase is an unforgettable gift idea for your friends and family members. Or you can spoil yourself with this amazing design. The vase is a valuable addition to the existing modern home decor collection. Or a perfect start of a new one.

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Cute Animals Flower Vase

Every table needs that one single piece that ties your whole room together – whether it’s a flower, a vase, or a beautiful sculpture.

And if you can have all three in a single décor piece, then even better. Our Cute Animals Flower Vase is the perfect addition to any space because it brings the vast natural world together with your world – your space. .

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Bubble Gum Girl

The ceramic girl has a smooth, spotlessly white face. The closed eyes make her relaxed and comfortable. The slightly bulged cheek adds a three-dimensional effect. The hand-painted bands are made into shape of rabbit ears and cat ears add some childish, is a good gift choice, no girl can not be attracted by it!

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Loona Head

Have you seen such a beautiful design lately? This figurine will turn your home decor game on the next level.

Perfect for placing on a book shelf, a coffee table, or a computer desk in your home office. Beautiful details make for a beautiful decoration.

The calming face on the figure is transferable. The more you look, the more you fall in love with the amazing design. The art we fall in love with!

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Spring Blossom

Spring doesn’t only come once a year – it’s here to stay.

Each and every day, when you walk into your home you can feel that lovely and uplifting feeling of spring as it fills the air. Spring Blossom is so much more than a piece of home décor – it’s the source of eternal spring.

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Muse Flower Pot

Ancient statue and flower pot — all in one. The head figurine with a smooth matte finish.

The head-shaped, indoor plant pot, is an unforgettable gift idea for your friends or family. The flower pot is a valuable addition to the existing modern home decor collection. Or a perfect start of a new one.

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Checkered Balloon Dogs

Playing off of contemporary kitsch, our Checkered Balloon Dogs are the fun and contemporary décor pieces that you need to bring a new element into your space.

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Coco Girls

Fun, mischievous, and quirky all at the same time, the Coco Girls are here to help you bring some more excitement into your space.

Remember, contemporary design aesthetics should be fun, unpredictable, and a little bit eccentric. Regardless of your design preferences or your tastes of style, these beautiful home décor sculptures will exist well in your space.

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Angel Wings Sculpture

Welcome the Angel Wings Sculpture - The sophisticated companion in everyday life!

Art piece that will become an instant focal point in your home. Created as a celebration of creativity, love, and life!

The eye-catching sculpture is a great gift and a reminder to follow your creative and inner strength. A pair of angel wings to wrap you in love.

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Singing Birds Hanger

There’s always room to bring nature into your living space – after all, nature is the biggest home of all.

Our Singing Birds Hanger is a unique, elegant, and contemporary home décor piece that functions as a real hanger and a wall-mounted sculpture.

Perfect for use as a coat rack, to hang your scarves and handbags, or to simply adorn the walls of your living room, so that those two beautiful birds can watch over you and your family. However you wish to install it, you can rest assured knowing that your space will be invigorated with nature’s beauty.

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