Feng Shui crystals have been used for more than 4,000 years. It is believed that bracelets made of different Feng Shui crystals have different functions. For example, obsidian Feng Shui crystal bracelets can relieve fatigue and help improve sleep, while lapis lazuli Feng Shui crystal bracelets can relieve tension and anxiety Emotions. Many people believe that feng shui crystals and feng shui bracelets have the ability to attract and promote protection, wealth, love and health.
According to your needs, you can choose your favorite crystal to achieve specific energy enhancement. Wearing feng shui bracelets can enhance your willingness. If you have trouble expressing what you want (such as money, partner, new job, new home, etc.), then this is where Feng Shui bracelets can help! Fengshui bracelets can be worn as a way to strengthen your intentions. You can focus on your bracelet many times a day to re-adjust your energy and focus on what you want.
In this article, we will introduce the top 10 powerful Feng Shui bracelets and tell you more about how to use them to promote balance, health, wealth, protection and love in your life.
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Feng Shui Crystal LAPIS LAZULI

About the Feng Shui Crystal LAPIS LAZULI

Feng Shui crystal Lapis lazuli is glass to grease luster, and its hardness is 5.5. A good lapis lazuli is dark blue and pure in color, with no cracks, fine texture, and no calcite impurities. It does not contain Venus (pyrite) or has very beautiful Venus are top grade. Feng Shui crystal Lapis Lazuli is produced in countries such as the United States, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Chile, Canada, Pakistan, India and Angola. The lapis lazuli of Afghanistan is produced in the lapis lazuli-bearing area of Badakhshan Province of the country, and among them, the Sareisange deposit is the most famous.
The Function of LAPIS LAZULI Bracelet
Wearing Feng Shui crystal lapis lazuli can bless peace, drive away evil and block evil. Not only can it inspire a person's noble, fresh and gentle temperament and sentiment, it can also help hypnosis and deep meditation, enhance observation and insight, enhance people's spirituality, and eliminate people's uneasy emotions. When using the eyes excessively, Feng Shui crystal lapis lazuli can be used to relieve intraocular pressure and eliminate fatigue. Lie on your back with your eyes closed, place the lapis lazuli on your eyeballs, and take a deep, slender breath. Visualize the blue indigo light penetrating your eyeballs, which can easily eliminate eye fatigue and protect your eyesight.
Feng Shui crystal Lapis Lazuli corresponds to the brow chakra of the human body. It helps treat insomnia, dizziness, headaches and lower blood pressure, relieves emotions, strains eyesight, and coordinates the throat chakra, which can improve trachea, throat and respiratory diseases.



About the Feng Shui Crystal BLACK OBSIDIAN

Feng Shui crystal Obsidian is known as natural colored glaze. As the name suggests, this is a naturally occurring colored glaze. It is usually black, but obsidian of brown, gray, and a small amount of red, blue or even green materials can also be seen.
Obsidian is also known as "Tears of the Apache". Legend has it that a team in the Apache tribe was in an ambush by the enemy, outnumbered, and the entire army was wiped out. The bad news came, and the tears of the family weeping fell to the ground. They became small black stones, hence the name "Tears of Apache". It is also called the "Black King Kong Warrior”.
The Function of Obsidian Bracelet
1. Feng Shui crystal obsidian bracelets can ward off evil spirits
Obsidian can dissolve negative energy. Wearing an obsidian bracelet as an amulet of evil spirits can avoid the interference of negative energy.
2. Feng Shui crystal Obsidian bracelets can relieve fatigue
Obsidian corresponds to the sea chakra. In addition to removing the negative energy in the body, it also helps to eliminate fatigue and stress, and expel the turbidity in the body. Obsidian bracelets can enhance the defensive ability of the doom, and have the function of turning bad luck into good luck.
3. Feng Shui crystal Obsidian bracelet helps improve sleep
The magnetic field energy of obsidian helps promote blood circulation in the body, and wearing an obsidian bracelet helps treat insomnia. Obsidian bracelets mainly absorb negative energy, but they cannot be removed. After wearing for a period of time, the obsidian bracelet needs to be purified. The easiest way is to soak in pure water overnight. It is best to do purification 2 to 3 times a month to avoid harm to the body. Have a bad influence.


About the Feng Shui Crystal TIGER’S EYE
Feng Shui crystal Tiger's eye is a kind of quartz aggregate, an amorphous mineral. Usually brown, blue, reddish brown and other colors, opaque, fine and tough texture, with a microfibrous structure, such as a cambered ring surface ground from the vertical fiber direction, a parallel-moving "eye" appears on the curved surface. Because its shape and color resemble a tiger's eye, it is named a tiger's eye. The main producing area is Africa, which is the national gemstone of South Africa. People like tiger's eye because it is as sharp as a tiger's eye, giving people courage and confidence.
The Function of TIGER’S EYE bracelet
Feng Shui crystal Tiger's eye is the holy stone of Indians. Its vital energy like tiger's eye can make it easier for people to make breakthroughs in their careers, know how to self-discipline, relieve stress and achieve goals, and lead a happy life. The flowing eyes of the tiger gleam with wealth and have strong vitality, and have the effect of attracting wealth and warding off evil spirits. At the same time, tiger's eye stone has a positive effect on health and love.


About the Feng Shui Crystal AGATE
The color of the Feng Shui crystal agate bracelet is very shiny, and it has a good effect in matching. Wearing agate bracelets for a long time can also promote our body's blood circulation, thereby playing a role in beauty and beauty, so Feng Shui crystal agate bracelets are very suitable for women to wear.
The Function of AGATE bracelet
Women who wear long-term bracelets can also balance hormones, make their complexion more and more shiny, and reduce wrinkles. So Feng Shui crystal agate bracelet is very suitable for middle-aged or older women, because it will make you look younger than your peers, and it can also make your body better and more energetic.
Since ancient times, Feng Shui crystal agate bracelets have been used as amulets, because they can remove evil from our body and protect our peace. Agate bracelets are also a symbol of happiness and longevity.
The Feng Shui crystal agate is usually placed away from the sun as much as possible, and it is often wiped to keep it clean. If possible, occasionally soak in pure water to replenish moisture. Keep the humidity agate will be more beautiful.


About the Feng Shui Crystal SODALITE
Feng Shui crystal Sodalite can relax the human body. When worn, it will massage the human body, relieve local muscle fatigue and promote blood circulation. It can also enhance resistance. The various trace elements contained in it can supplement the body's needs and balance the body's mechanism. It can also enhance personal temperament. Feng Shui crystal Sodalite is dark blue with white asbestos, looks like a star blank cloud, and has a very beautiful appearance.
The Function of SODALITE Bracelet
1. Relax your body
When sodalite is worn on the body, it will slightly press and rub the human body, play a certain massage effect, relieve local muscle fatigue, promote human blood circulation, relax the human body, and improve the quality of sleep.
2. Enhance immunity
Sodalite contains a variety of trace elements and minerals. When worn for a long time, these elements will be absorbed by the human body to supplement the necessary elements of the human body, balance the body's mechanism, enhance the body's immunity, and play a role in strengthening the body to a certain extent.


About the Feng Shui Crystal JASPER
Feng Shui crystal Jasper is a kind of Hetian jade with a lot of minerals. The content of iron oxide and clay minerals can reach more than 20%. It is impermeable, slightly permeable or semi-permeable, and the color is mostly green. According to the origin, it can be divided into Xinjiang jasper, Tuojiang jasper, Russian jasper, Canadian jasper, New Zealand jasper, and California jasper.
The Function of JASPER Bracelet
The wrist is the end of the body's blood circulation, and the return of blood is achieved by the pressure of the heart. If you wear a Feng Shui crystal jasper bracelet, it can effectively promote blood circulation. This is a physical effect, so it is deeply loved by people.
 Natural Feng Shui crystal jasper contains a variety of minerals necessary for the human body. Because the bracelet is in direct contact with the skin when wearing a bracelet, the minerals in the jasper are easily absorbed by the human body and can supplement a variety of minerals needed by the human body.


About the Feng Shui Crystal TURQUOISE
Feng Shui crystal Turquoise is one of the ancient gems, with a splendid history of thousands of years. Before 5500 AD, ancient Egypt mined turquoise on the Sinai Peninsula. During the first dynasty, the Egyptian king sent a well-organized and armed labor force of two to three thousand people to search for and mine turquoise. Archaeologists discovered when excavating ancient Egyptian tombs that Egyptian kings had worn turquoise beads as early as 5500 BC.
The Function of TURQUOISE Bracelet
Feng Shui crystal Turquoise is regarded as the birthstone of December, symbolizing victory and success, and is known as the "Success Stone" and "Lucky Stone". Turquoise can bring courage and confidence to people, make people get along well with people around them, harmonize interpersonal communication, reconcile people's emotions and psychology, so as to maintain a healthy and cheerful mood, and make people full of positive energy. Wearing for a long time can make people often maintain a cheerful and open personality, making it easier for people to release the energy of love. The color of turquoise and blue is regarded by the Indians as the spirit of the blue sea and blue sky, symbolizing infinite luck and auspiciousness.


Feng Shui Crystal Jade

Associated with the element of earth,feng shui crystal jade is known to enhance personal growth and harmony in group settings, particularly family units. It’s a popular gem to display in the business world. Artisans and jewelry-makers often carve jade into real-world shapes. When they do this, The Jade Feng Shui Bracelets amplify the energy of whatever object it’s shaped like.


Feng Shui crystal Carnelian

About the Feng Shui Crystal CARNELIAN
Feng Shui crystal Carnelian is a translucent orange to red chalcedony. The Egyptian goddess Isis, the god of longevity in his later years, is carnelian. Feng Shui crystal Carnelian bracelets can improve the blood circulation system, promote basic metabolism, improve temperament, and help sleep.
The Function of CARNELIAN Bracelet
Feng Shui crystal Carnelian bracelets can improve the blood circulation system, promote basic metabolism, improve temperament, and let you have a good sleep. Feng Shui crystal Carnelian is associated with fire, thanks to its vibrant natural color. A Carnelian feng shui bracelet brings confidence built on braveness. It can reflect energy, passion and life. Be careful when shopping for carnelian. It’s a relatively rare feng shui crystal, so be careful when shopping for it. Dyed agate is often sold as a cheaper imitation of carnelian.


Feng Shui crystal Azurite is often used to reduce confusion and tension as it opens the wearer’s mind to new perspectives. It’s an excellent aid to more accurately see the world around you, or to find new approaches to old problems.
You can wear an Azurite feng shui bracelet when you're struggling to make the right decision in a hard situation. You can meditate with azurite . On particularly busy days at the office, you can make a point to slip into your office and shut the door for a few minutes of peace.
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