16 Best Home Gifts for All Your Decor-Obsessed Pals

16 Best Home Gifts for All Your Decor-Obsessed Pals
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Whether you're shopping for a professional designer or just a loved one who appreciates interior design, choosing a home décor-focused gift can be a difficult task. Everyone has a different interior style—and this can make shopping for home decor gifts both exciting and a bit of a challenge. After all, decor is pretty personal!
You'll want to choose something that's thoughtful and design-friendly, and of course works in their home. Luckily, there are tons of options out there that fit the bill.
Here, the best gifts for home décor-obsessed pals

Loona Head

Have you seen such a beautiful design lately? This figurine will turn your home decor game on the next level.

Perfect for placing on a book shelf, a coffee table, or a computer desk in your home office. Beautiful details make for a beautiful decoration.

The calming face on the figure is transferable. The more you look, the more you fall in love with the amazing design. The art we fall in love with!

View on Lireeco.com | $185

Beench Wood Montessori Number Blocks Kid Toys

How do babies recognize numbers? How do they discover the universe of mathematics? This set of digital building blocks allows babies to explore the relationship between numbers as well as cultivating geometric and artistic thinking during the game. Made of high-quality beech wood, polished surface, first-class touch, safe to use. Come, build a palace of numbers together!

View on Lireeco.com | $128

Lucie Flower Vase

Modern home decoration and glass flower vase — all in one bright product.
This flower vase is an unforgettable gift idea for your friends and family members. Or you can spoil yourself with this amazing design. The vase is a valuable addition to the existing modern home decor collection. Or a perfect start of a new one.

View on Lireeco.com | $69

Handmade Christmas Ceramic Ornament

In the round cream white ceramic lamp, a slight warm yellow candlelight shines, what a warm Christmas night! The light bulb is already included, no need to install.

View on Lireeco.com | $12.95

Summer Girl

Summer Girl is a beautiful sculpture that offers a modern take on a classic style. Perfect for brightening up a space and making it feel light, airy, and contemporary, this beautiful little accent certainly makes a statement.

Perfect for placing on a book shelf, a coffee table, or a computer desk in your home office. Beautiful details make for a beautiful decoration.

View on Lireeco.com | $43

Handmade Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament

Perfect accessory to help create a festive environment.
Nice Christmas tree hanging decoration which will catch everyone's attention.
Hand painted with acrylic paints.

View on Lireeco.com | $8.95

Handmade Wool Felt Star Christmas Ornaments

If your Christmas tree is tired of ornaments that look the same year after year, why not try wool felt ornaments! Lovely stars, furry Christmas trees, mushrooms, ponies, so many cute elements, make your Christmas tree unique this year!

View on Lireeco.com | $6.95

Colorful Wooden Magnetic Calendar

High-quality beech wood, finely polished building block particles, this block calendar toy allows babies to feel the concept of time in the game, and learn how to calculate the date!

View on Lireeco.com | $128

Wooden Rainbow Music Tree Montessori Kid Toys

Build a rainbow music tree with your child! When the beads fall from the leaves, the leaves will make a pleasant sound, yes, you know, tell the kid: this tree can sing!

View on Lireeco.com | $68

Christmas Wreath with Frosted Snow

On this bitingly cold morning, a snow fell in the forest. Snow covered pine needles. Pick them and weave them into wreaths for the most sincere friends, wishing a safe and happy year to come.

View on Lireeco.com | $129

Christmas Wreath with Pony Ornament

The simple rattan ring shows the original and natural tone, and the cute woolen hat and pony pendant reveal a childlike side. This combination is very novel and makes the whole wreath fashionable and lively.

View on Lireeco.com | $29

Boy Named Jimmy

Say hello to Boy Named Jimmy. This fun and family-friendly sculpture is smaller than a bouquet of flowers and it’s the perfect home decoration to bring into your space. Featuring a fun and youthful design, this modern décor piece helps to breathe some life into your space.

View on Lireeco.com | $50

Girl Named Keri

Say hello to a girl named Keri – she’s fun, lovable, quirky, and stylish as ever before.
Girl Named Keri is a beautiful piece to bring into your space. Trendy, stylish, and unique all at the same time. Pair it with your favorite coffee table books in your living room.

View on Lireeco.com | $43

Astronaut Candy Box

It's fine design makes this piece stand out among many gift ideas. This amazing candy box will fit into any home decor. No matter is it the living room, office or the children's room, it will make her spot stand out and steal every look and smile in that room.

View on Lireeco.com | $43

Birthday Gift Box

We all have one friend that makes their birthday THE birthday of the year, every year. Give them something thoughtful with the BIRTHDAY Lireeco Box that's both celebratory and chic. Every birthday girl needs something that lasts well after the candles are blown out, so gift her something that shows you celebrate her life even more than she does.

View on Lireeco.com | $79.95

Handmade Wool Felt Cute Sheep Christmas Ornaments

A simple furry lamb pendant can easily make your Christmas tree decoration of this year from plain to vivid!

View on Lireeco.com | $12.8