50 Chic Living Room Wall Décor Ideas to Refresh Your Home 2022

50 Chic Living Room Wall Décor Ideas to Refresh Your Home 2022

Those empty walls are full of possibilities—adding some additions can make the house feel like home. If you are ready to turn those naked walls into fashionable centerpieces, or looking for wall decoration ideas to refresh your space, please read on. 
Regardless of your style, we have skills that can enlarge your walls and show your personality and taste. Whether you are an art collector, nature lover or book lover, you can customize your walls to surround you with your favorite things. Discover 50 wall decoration ideas with us that will definitely add style to your home!

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1.Flower Wall 

I promise no one needs a headboard ever when you can have a full-on wall of flowers! Total boho goals. Fresh flowers are not easy to store and need to be replaced frequently. If you want to decorate a flower wall, it is highly recommended to use dried flowers or those fake flowers with realistic textures. If your house happens to have a garden, or you often decorate the room with fresh flowers, and you don’t know how to deal with them when they are dying, then make them dried flowers and decorate your walls!

2. Mirrors Wall 

A gallery wall of mirrors function as art, and it reflect light beautifully. The mirror reflects light, helping a small space feel bigger and brighter. Try to hang an oversized mirror, or display a few small salon-style mirrors.

3.Gallery wall

Nothing can add personality and color more than a gallery wall. Display a series of artwork or photos, or add wall hangings. Choose a simple, cohesive framework or introduce a series of gorgeous changes to mix! Pro tip: Extend the gallery wall to the ceiling to create the illusion of a larger space.

4.Map Wall

Once the world map occupies their walls, your child's travel list will definitely become longer. In addition, they will have a lot of fun while marking the places they have been. 

5.With Decorated Wall Shelf

The shelf is a simple and eye-catching way to add storage space and interest to your walls, especially when using beautiful decorative styles such as candle holders and tilted artwork.

6.DIY Paper Art Wall

These paper arts add a wow factor to any wall, and they are a fun way to reuse all the paper grocery bags you have accumulated. You can also use a rope to hang them on the covered porch.

7.LEGO Display Wal

If you are looking for a way to get your Lego bricks off the floor and never step on them again, then DIY some display stands on the wall, which is both practical and provides an interesting focal point on the wall.

8.A Dreamcatcher Wall

A modern dream catcher is a very minimalist element that looks dreamy and gentle on your wall. The white yarn is very cute and gives a lace feel, but you can also match something with richer colors.

9.Photography Wall

Find some photos that have special meaning to you, whether in color or black and white, as long as they record memorable scenes and you want to keep these scenes in your mind forever, then hang them on your wall and let them become the finishing touch to your bedroom.

10.Wall With Sconce

Installing a wall lamp on the wall is the most versatile and traditional way of all wall decoration methods. In order to bring visual interest to a simple candlestick, a decorative sign or a piece of art can be hung on it. Add bedding of similar colors to get a sense of unity.

11.Wall With Festive Wreath

Holiday decoration is not only suitable for the living room. Upgrade your bedroom wall with simple garlands and tabletop items, including mini Christmas trees to welcome this season.

12.Hats Display Wall

If you are a hat collector, or your wardrobe is no longer enough for your hats, then why not hang them on the wall? This will not only bring unprecedented changes to your wall but also give your hats a home.

13.Curtain Headboard Wall

 The curtain can not only be hung in front of the window but also can be hung on the head of the bed as a decoration. Pick a piece of beautiful fabric and do it yourself to complete this wall decoration.

14.Mantel-Style Wall

The fireplace is fixed on the wall of the living room, not only for heating, or just abandoning the purpose of heating, with some exquisite gilded frames, leaning against the wall and overlapping, to achieve a balance between formal and casual.

15.Wall With Oversized Flag

It can be the flag of your favorite country, it can be the flag of any team you like, or just a good-looking flag, an oversized flag can give the wall a unique feeling.

16.Wall With large-scale art

17.colorful painted wall

In addition to displaying objects on the walls, think about decorating the walls themselves. Try out a bright and bold paint color to create an accent wall, or bring in pattern with wallpaper, stenciling, or other decorative paint techniques. (Think about transforming your ceiling while you’re at it!) These decorative accents can have an even bigger impact in a small space.

18.Wall With Rugs

Instead of hanging a framed painting or photo, a rug was fixed to the wall. This is a great way to bring a soft texture and give new meaning to old works.

19.wall with green plants

Plants can not only sit on the windowsill. Try hanging or wall-mounted flower pots to add a little greenery to your space and walls. If you don't like water, you can choose high-quality artificial plants.

20.Garland Wall

21.Wall With Basket Hanging

Hanging baskets always provide some farmhouse options, and adding some DIY tassel details makes these more beautiful and eye-catching. Whether you want colorful or neutral, you can use baskets of various sizes and textures to activate any space.

22.3D Painted Walls

In the apartment, draw an abstract big figure directly on the wall to extend it from the wall to the ceiling, making the room feel more refined and integrated, but still organic.

23.Art on the window

When you run out of wall space or just need to hide a less than ideal view, hang your artwork on the window. Find the perfect sized artwork and frame to animate the windows while still getting plenty of light.
24.wall with Decorate Shelves
A pair of floating cube shelves are used as the base to support the vase. This technique is very suitable for narrow walls in restaurants, corridors, or entrances. It is a great way to decorate walls without hanging art.

25.Wall With Candlesticks

Bronze candlesticks and gilded framed artwork add an unexpected Gothic style to the wall.

26.Wall With Calendar

The large calendar works particularly well on the wall of an office or kitchen. It can not only track your activities, but also add a prominent element to activate your room. Try a bright and bold calendar with sans serif fonts to create a modern look and add pop colors.

27.Wall With Plates

thanks to the vintage plates! The display of decorative plates nods to farmhouse style.

28.Wall with Framed Chalkboard

Hang a framed blackboard and welcome overnight guests with cute handwritten messages such as "best wishes”.
29.Show your amazing imagination
An object with your unique imagination can be the focal point of the living room wall. The soft curves or fluffy pampas grass will make the wall inviting, elegant, and edgy all at once.

30.Fringe Wall Hanging

This kind of tassel wall hanging will add texture and color to your walls. It is made with cotton brush tassels. Although it looks delicate, it only takes a few hours to make.

31.Hang an Instrument

No reason to hide your passion for music! Show off your favorite instrument-such as the guitar-for a personal look on the wall

32.Wall With Paper Lights

Like a wall lamp, a chandelier hung on the wall is a perfect combination of form and function. They can not only illuminate your space but also add unexpected design elements to add a charming soft focus to the room.

33.Wall With Children's Art

Frame your child's best masterpieces and display them proudly. They will feel that they are a proud artist without having to spend a lot of money on art-a a win-win. If it is done with a clean, modern frame, and then arranged in a classic floor-to-ceiling grid, it will look exquisite. The colorful art makes the whole space full of vitality.

34.Add Some Games

Hang a throwing darts or other games in the living room-play in your free time for relaxing yourself, or enjoy the game when your friends come together, a better choice than sitting down and playing on the phone.

35.Simple Zen Decor

A simple Zen decoration can activate the entire wall.
Lean against the wall with a ladder to increase the feeling of layering, and you can also hang favorite accessories on the ladder to increase the fun.

37.Framed Recipes & Letters

If you have handwritten treasures from your loved ones or ancestors, please use this UV film method to save them and paste them in the frame to remember forever.

38.Rustic Wood Style

Use wooden wall panels to add a rustic feel to your bedroom.

39.Iconic Wallpaper


Use unique patterned wallpapers to add a unique style to your bedroom or living room.

40.Textural Wall Art


Use mixed textures to add size and impact to your wall art. Consider using fabric waste, woven materials, and other interesting textiles to create DIY art.

41.Wall with Alcove 

It can be easy to overlook small spaces when designing a room, but tucked away spots, such as a niche for a bathtub, are great places to add an ensemble of prints.

42.A Movie Fan's Wall

Use white frames to frame music or movie posters to make them stand out on the colored walls. Fashionable but sophisticated, it is the atmosphere of success in a home office.43.Use your Furniture
Exercise your DIY muscles and refurbish old furniture into a work of art. This dynamic repainting set the tone for the room. Use a slanted piece that gently leans against the wall to connect stylish furniture with wall art.

44.Natural Wall

Nature-inspired artworks bring outdoor activities indoors. These little butterfly prints blend in with the blank wall. The bright colors on the butterfly wings add the desired color to most neutral rooms and are perfectly coordinated with other accessories and decorations.

45.Pop color wall

Use neutrals as a base but then add some color as an accent. Wall decor is the perfect way to add pops of color. One tip: Consider hanging floating shelves in white, black, or natural wood, but fill them with a few colorful items that stand out.

46.Metal Art wall

Metal wall art comes in all kinds of designs, styles, and sizes. It can be modern, contemporary, rustic, shabby chic, or anything in between. Find a piece that takes up a large portion of the wall if you want it to be the only art on the wall. Or you can find a smaller piece of metal art and use it in a collage-style group of wall art.

47.Floral Decor

These flowers are gorgeous and bright on the white walls of the bedroom. If you are confident, please draw your own design. Look for flowers, leaves, and feathers in your yard. You can press them into a floating frame. This is a completely free and fun little project.

48.Twinkle Lights Wall

Flashing lights have such a charming charm that makes them the perfect complement to any bedroom. String lights no longer need to be lit only on holidays, they have let people know that they can light up the room at any time of the year.

49.Hooks on the wall

They don’t seem like much but hooks totally count as wall decor. Their functionality is a perk.

50.Cutting Boards on the wall

For food lovers, decorating a good kitchen is very important. This is so perfect for a kitchen! 
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